TeamViewer a leading provider for remote maintenance software launches a new product, which was developed especially for the IIoT (Industrial IoT) market. The solution interface can be accessed at and combines the time-tested remote control solution with data monitoring and visualization of sensor and device data.

TeamViewer IoT

The new offering is characterized by the combination of remote maintenance and monitoring of machines as well as easy handling and cost efficiency. The TeamViewer IIoT solution is particularly suitable for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), which have no large budgets for the implementation and also no dedicated IT know-how on how to set up complex IT structures.

In the IOT console, businesses can easily aggregate data from their machines, routers, or gateways and visually represent it. For support cases, the devices can be accessed quick reconfiguration or update. The TeamViewer account can be created completely for free. After logging in, you will land in the home area with introductory video and documentation. Below you will also find instructions on how to write individual connectors using SDK or MQTT API to collect sensor and device metrics. Currently the console is only available in English.

Home TeamViewer IoT

Under the tab “devices” you can see the individual connected devices, whether they are online or offline, as well as the number of sensors and data points. If the devices are online you can press the “Control” button and remote into the device via TeamViewer.


In this area you can also add new devices i.e.. Raspberry Pis. The onboarding process is very easy as well. In step 1 you select your distribution, in step 2 download the suitable TeamViewer agent and in the 3rd step you install the binary on the device to be monitored or controlled. This generates an “Agent ID” and a “Token”. In step 4 you need to connect the generated ID and Token with the platform to link the devices with the dashboard.

add device

In the “Metrics” section you can see which data points are aggregated via respective devices. In principle, there are no limits here. With the individual connectors, any sensors can be addressed e.g. temperature, air pressure, vibration, humidity, etc. The data points can then be pinned to your dashboard. Also rules can easily be created for any value you collect.


To create a rule you need a name, the condition under which the rule should be applied, e.g. start an alarm when the temperature rises above 20 degrees Celsius after 5 checks. As soon as this situation arises a webhook can be triggered. The output can be customized through JSON. Thus, one can trigger, for example, a text message, e-mail, entry in Slack or simply create an order for a spare part.


In the last tab under “Dashboard” you can visualize the different data and arrange it flexibly. At certain intervals, the data can be retrieved in the dashboard. The metrics are kept in the cloud and any number of dashboards can be created.


Industrial companies that implement digitization of their production processes while requiring a cost-effective and easy way to remotely control and monitor their machines in the field may look forward to the TeamViewer IoT solution. The beta version is free for all users and has no restrictions. A licensing model will be presented in the coming months.


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