I’m on my way to the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, which is happening the third time ever. The congress is packed with over 250 companies exhibiting and many key speakers from AT&T to Xylem. The event is organized in partnership with the Industrial Internet consortium and the Industrial IoT organization.


The congress has 8 blocks like industrial, healthcare, infrastructure, blockchain, ai, smart buildings, traffic, quantum computing. Topics are the biggest challenges for companies in those areas which they need to overcome or risk of being completely disrupted by other companies.


An interesting thing about the IOTSW is that they host a testbed where corporations demo live up to 10 industrial internet appliances which have been developed by leading companies in the IoT space. By that it is possible to test technologies and combine them even if they are not market ready or released yet.

Looking forward to a great show with a lot of technology experts like John Ellis, Head of Ford Developer Program, Mikko Hypponen, Cybersecurity Expert from F-Secure, John Paradiso from MiT Media Lab and over 25 other professionals.


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