TeamViewer leading solution for remote support and online meetings is getting closer to the world of IoT by joining forces with HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) in order to bring remote support to connected cars.

What makes a car connected?

Let’s discuss what is actually connected in a vehicle and which value this brings to the customer.

Diagnostics: Connected cars will have more capabilities for car manufacturers and service centers to diagnose and predict what issues the car will potentially have in future.

Telematics: The interconnectivity of cars starts with the integration of smart application into vehicles which will help to effectively control and manage data generated by the car.

Remote Services: This is where TV comes into play and helps to connect in real time to the device in the car helping to solve issues on the go.

Infotainment: A car can function as a mobile hotspot, cinema, mobile office and allow to stream videos and voice, browsing the Internet, play games, navigate, check the wheather and many things more.

Self / Autonomous Driving: Another big trend which still faces a lot of regulatory boundaries are self driving cars. Already on the streets are semi self-driving cars with capabilities of parking and self-driving under permanent attention of operator.

IoT Solutions World Barcelona: Audi Showcar

Remote connectivity to the gateway

The Audi Q2 showcased at the ISWC (IoT Solutions World Congress) has an Ubuntu runHPE Edgeline intelligent gateway in the trunk which can be remotely administered by TeamViewer. The gateway collects and sends sensor data from the car to the cloud where it can be processed further. By this cloud intelligence can be used for triggering intelligent functions around wheater, speed limits, road conditions, traffic flow and many more.

HP Edgeline

Additional scenarios for TeamViewer can be to remotely assist drivers directly from the car service center on their displays in real time.

audi car interior


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