IoT uses many different protocols that I would like to highlight in a nutshell. Protocols are basically used for the communication between devices and contain certain rules for the data. You can compare it to speaking the same language. When the sending entity “speaks” the same protocol or language as the receiving one they will understand each other and the data will become meaningful.

Also there are different layers of communication with more or less well-known protocols. Here we just have a look at the connection protocols which are the most important ones for the connection from sensors to devices.  There are several layers like session, network, routing, security and datalink protocols.

Figure 2: IoT Elements


Below you can see the main used protocols:

  1. IoT Data Link Protocol
    1. IEEE 802.15.4e
    2. WirelessHART
    3. Z-Wave
    4. Bluetooth
    5. Zigbee
    6. Dash7
    7. HomePlug
    8. G.9959
    9. LTE-A
    10. LoRa
    11. Weightless
    12. DECT
  2. Network Layer Routing Protocols
    1. RPL
    2. CORPL
    3. CARP
  3. Network Layer Encapsulated Protocols
    1. 6LoWPAN
    2. 6TiSCH
    3. 6Lo
    4. IPv6
  4. Session Layer Protocols
    1. MQTT
    2. SMQTT
    3. AMQP
    4. CoAP
    5. XMPP
    6. DDS
  5. Security Protocols
    1. MAC
    2. 6LoWPAN
    3. RPL
    4. Application Layer



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